“The Sunset Canyoneers are here to remind us all what it’s like to be out on the road living as a free spirit in songs like High in the Sky.” 

-American Songwriter

“Sunset Canyoneers somehow manage to be reminiscent of both Alex Chilton and Jerry Garcia while still being much indebted to country and folk, and it ends up being a remarkable formula that should make plenty of Year End Lists.”

-Take Effect

“Sunset Canyoneers sounds like a greatest hits album. The melodies are illuminated by Duke’s lush multi-tracked harmony vocals and the brash rock edge of Robertson’s sharp, focused electric guitar solos. Powers’ high tenor could be describing the delight of a sunny day, the buzz of controlled substances, or the freedom of life in the California countryside.”

-East Bay Express

“Consistently catchy melodies and hooks, 12-string flourishes, chugging riffs and poppy choruses, floating across the psychedelic strings-laced crystal clouds of Junk#1, hanging around in bars with ghosts on Spirits,  conjuring some 60s California dreaming in Los Angeles and taking a  5D trip with  McGuinn on Bluejay.”

-Folk Radio UK

“There’s a wholesomeness to the Sunset Canyoneers’ self-titled debut album. The band’s crisp choral singalongs are straight Nashville, making the album feel more like a harmonistic celebration and ode to the genre of Bakersfield Sound than something organically of it.”

-The Red Hook Star Revue


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