Northern California songwriters Jeremy Powers and William Duke join forces with a new band Sunset Canyoneers, delivering their self-titled debut on eclectic Spanish record label – You Are The Cosmos. A delectable full-length album of organic yet cosmic country folk-rock, it evokes the Gram Parsons-to-Big Star period when intoxicated Southern soul and rustic power pop revived Country and Western and gave rich pleasure to the crossover pop charts.  

With its magical, mystical harmonizing and crisp musical swing, ’Sunset Canyoneers’ features the dulcet vocals and lush acoustic guitar and of Jeremy Powers (Red Planet, The Parties), with the engaging vocals and Big Screen backing of thumping double bassist William Duke (The Happy Regrets, The Bye Bye Blackbirds), idiosyncratic guitar of Ian Robertson (The Bye Bye Blackbirds), and distinctive drums and percussion of John Kontogianis (Jolly).  

’Sunset Canyoneers’ features ten trembling tracks, including these dream singles: “Alcohol in a Gamblin’ Town,” which is label You Are The Cosmos’ first pick for a hot hit, previewed on their latest CD sampler; “High in the Sky,” evoking the Dylanesque poetry at the heart of the narrative, “a little folky country tune with pedal steel,” Powers says, “kicking off the record, about traveling around California high.” Also intrinsic to the album’s story is “Spirits,” about ghosts and whether they exist, and are they hanging around bars?  

Pulling from the sweet and savory American well that inspired classics like the Grateful Dead’s ‘American Beauty’ and ‘Workingman’s Dead’, ‘Sunset Canyoneers’ brings to mind the original genre-leaping work of the Flying Burrito Brothers and New Riders of the Purple Sage. It fits in with the current work of Los Angeles-area bands like GospelbeacH and Mapache, and Northern Cali regional contemporaries like The Motherhips with their “California Soul”; all inspired by what the Fleet Foxes started back in the mid-00s, but warmer, poppier, more timeless.  

Duke has four solo records under his belt and Powers originally put out four LPs with Red Planet on Gearhead and three with The Parties via Rainbow Quartz. The sound began as a 45 single from Powers “featuring my new Cosmic Country tunes” he says, but it developed into a whole album, which he desires the whole world to hear, as Sunset Canyoneers’ “travel and have fun with it and the audience.”

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